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Question: Discuss about the your experience with Woolworths Supermarket. Answer: Introduction This essay highlights my experience with Woolworths Supermarket in Australia which is considered as second largest company in Australia in terms of revenue (Woolworths Supermarkets 2018). I have often purchase things from Woolworths and have both good and bad experience with their products and services. However, I will discuss about two products that that are Woolworths fruits--vegetables and Woolworths health drink products with which I have experienced bad and good experience. The poor and good experience will be illustrated by Proto-persona diagram followed by two most significant points during the process supported by two key Customer Experience Management concepts. I will also compare and contrast the two experiences to explain the difference in two experiences which is followed by an overall conclusion for the discussion. Discussion Proto-persona diagram for poor experience The image illustrate that the pain points are the packaging of the fruits that are pre-matured. Moreover, when a customer desire to buy products from online portal, it is difficult to identify the combination of the fruits and the quality of the products from the items displayed on the website. I have also faced the problem in improper staff assistance when need help as they do not have proper information. Thus, I have opted for shopping personally rather than shopping from online. Even though I have to shop from online, I consider all the users comments and feedback prior making any order. I have also decided to raise complaints to the organization and give them suggestions on improving their service transparency and service improvement. Image 1: Proto-persona diagram illustrating component with poor experience (Source: Created by Author) Two most significant pain points during the process along with concept of CEM The two major pain points that I have highlighted through the process are- packaging of pre-mature fruits that they offer to customer at lower rates and inability to identify the fruits combination when I have opted for mixed fruits options. The first concept of customer experience management (CEM) that I want to discuss is customer centricity. Lemon and Verhoef (2016) stated that a company should have to place customer needs, wants and expectations in the top priority. Woolworths is best known for the materials that are used on the daily basis. They claim that they contact local farmers for getting the fresh materials but in reality they do not keep their words and they offer less cost due to their poor quality and premature fruits and vegetables. The second concept that I want to discuss here is customer convenience. According to this concept, Bilgihan et al. (2016) depicted that user should feel easy to use the things and get the quality products. If problem occur, the staffs should give assistance to the customer. This is the thing I do not like in Woolworth as they breach their words and also have poor customer service providers. Proto-persona diagram for good experience Image 2: Proto-persona diagram illustrating component with good experience (Source: Created by Author) The image represented above highlighted that the good experience comes from the quality of the products and get proper things available. My experience with the health drink purchase from Woolworths is good I always get recently bottled items with proper sealed products. Moreover, even if I opt for online shopping to purchase health drinks, I get correct information in the website and get fast delivery. Though I prefer to shop directly from shop and consider users feedbacks through different social media. However, I have planned for two goals that are asking for the organization to formulate more flavors in drink section and decided to chose Woolworths whether I need to shop for health drinks. Two most significant pain points during the process along with concept of CEM The two major points through which I can say that I always have the good experience while purchasing health drinks from Woolworths are the composition of the drink is clearly mentioned and all the products are bottled recently. One of the CEM concepts that is customer life cycle comprises of several stages. These stages comprised of reaching to the target audience, acquisition, conversion, retention and offering loyalty (Irvine et al., 2015). In case of Woolworths health drinks products, I felt that they formulate products aims to target people with all ages as they use quality ingredients to manufacture these drinks. They have also produced a huge range along with describing the benefits of these drinks. I have also felt that Woolworth in this case, established a good reputation with their users and in terms of retention, Woolworths also opted for taking valuable suggestion from their employees, I want to mention that since people do not feel any problem in finding drinks, they do not need any assistance and even any user do I always found a staff to instruct theme properly. The second concept of CEM that I want to share is making the experience pleasurable. I have never faced problem in selecting the desi re health drink that I want to buy, there is always stock of these drinks and all of them are recently bottled and in a good position in the shelves. Starting from the stack appearance, behavior of the staffs to the final packaging in the time of delivery, I enjoy their services. Compare and contrast of the two experiences The two products that I have selected are from same organization. It is however outrageous to say people have two different perception regarding two different things that is served by a single company. In case of fruits and vegetable they have not kept their promises and do not mention the combination of fruits if anyone order mixed fruits from online. This resulted in delivery of a combination that user might not like. However, in case, the user wan further assistance regarding the products, they do not help the customers. This will hamper the brand reputation. On the other hand, in terms of health drinks or any other drinks, they have transparent information given on the website through which the user can easily make the purchase that they want to buy. The user can assist themselves as all the information is clearly mention. Moreover, in both cases, the behavior of the staffs is difference. When a user ask question about the fruits and vegetables, the staffs are unable to help them; while the same thing does not happen when a user ask information about health drinks. I think this is because the staffs also lack knowledge of all the products on a same scale. Conclusion I have selected two products that are Woolworths fresh fruits and vegetables and the other is Woolworths health drinks. I have face poor services for fruits and vegetables. The poor experience is due to fact that I have receives a combination of fruits that I do not like. The information is also not present on the website. Moreover, in case of health drinks my experience is different as I always found transparent services from the same organization. All the information is cleanly mentioned and even the staffs are aware of these health drink items. Reference List and Bibliography Allwood, A. (2015).Customer Experience is the Brand: Getting in the Game. BookBaby. Bilgihan, A., Kandampully, J., Zhang, T. 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