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Solving Credit Problem Paper Solving Debt Problem

Solving Credit Problem Paper Anna is facing a financial problem in which she does not have an adequate amount of money to pay her monthly expenses. Just when she is living paycheck to paycheck, she is given a huge unexpected expense to pay a mechanic to fix her car. The major downside is she needs her car fixed, there is no way around it, as her car is the only way to and from work. This big financial hiccup in her month is causing Anne to have major anxiety and worry about where she is going to find the money to still survive and pay her bills, while paying this huge unexpected expense. Anna has a monthly net income of $1,642. She will now need to pay her secured debt first. This includes her rent which is $550. Leaving her with $1,092 monthly net income left. Next she should pay her car payment because there is no reason to pay a mechanic if she does not even have a car to drive. A car loan is also considered secured debt because a creditor has the right to take it if you do not pay your debt. Therefore, she s hould pay $152 for her car payment, leaving her with $940. Because she is needing her car for transpiration to and from work she should also pay the $112 for auto insurance. This will leave her with $828. Paying family necessities should always be paid first. Therefore, she will need money for food and personal/ household items. Anna agreed to cut down on her expenses and only buy necessities. She agreed to not eat out and cook from scratch which will save her a lotShow MoreRelatedThe Impact Of Debt For A Married Couples1416 Words   |  6 PagesManagement Final Paper December 06, 2015 Abstract This research paper examines the impact of debt for recently married couples. In this paper, you find the following topics, 1). Debt 2). Money-valuable resource 3). Reasons people create debt 4). Types of debts 5). Ways debts affect a couple martial satisfactions 6). Effect of debt on your health 7). Improving relationship 8). Opportunity- Married Couples 9). Tips for getting out of debt 10). Conclusion. Key words: debt, martial satisfactionRead MorePromoting Responsibility in Lending: An End to Foreclosed Homes1009 Words   |  5 PagesThe problems of the American economy are growing every day. An economy in ruins causes ripple effects within the country; whether it is an increase in crime, borrowing money, or the loss of jobs. One of the most devastating effects of the economic problems we are facing is the one directly related to their cause: the foreclosure crisis. More than 2.7 million homes have been foreclosed since 2007, and the number continues to climb. One of the first steps to solving the crisis is identifying how itRead MoreGrowing Up Digital By John Seely Brown1132 Words   |  5 Pagesbe the most popular form of learning resource for online courses despite not being a requirement for gaining credit nor part of prescribed activities . Students are presented with the opportunity to discuss among themselves or with professors, however, the large number of students in a single course suggests the dominance of the former. As a result, students collaborate on solving problems, distributing intelligence â€Å"as a shared understanding that emerges from working together† . This reflects toRead MoreGraduation Speech : High School1692 Words   |  7 Pagesmy brother started his junior year in high school and learned that the credits needed to graduate had been lowered from 230 to 220. The reason for that change was that the district wanted more students to graduate so that the drop-out rate lowers. Looking back, I remembered that teachers passed students because they felt bad, not because they truly deserved that grade. Many students passed by just doing the work and extra credit. Students these days are not truly learning, they are told to do the workRead MoreRetirement Planning : Teens And Financial Education1519 Words   |  7 Pages Retirement Planning: Teens and Financial Education Trecia Dawson University of Maryland University College PRO 600 Communicating, Problem Solving, and Leading in Professional Fields â€Æ' Abstract This paper is intended to investigate the connection between early formal and informal financial education and a young person’s willingness to prepare financially for retirement. Formal and informal financial education must work together to achieve the best results. There is no single combination ofRead MoreThe Success And Failures Of Santander1678 Words   |  7 Pagesvery successful compared to other financial business activities throughout the world in regards to demographics, lifestyle and economic sectors. But, because of large variety between the business structure that Santander comes across there are many problems with their decision making process. It is hard to understand each financial and economic division per business per country, because of the level of differences between countries. The decision to continue to unite or expand these divisions and goRead More4541 Answer Key Midterm W132207 Words   |  9 Pagesordering bacon in quantities of 10,000 kg because o f the quantity discount. McDonalds has already been ordering optimally! Question 2 (15 marks) a. (5 marks) Annual trade credit interest rate = 0.5644 or 56.44% As the borrowing rate is 20%, McDonalds should take the cash discount and pay in 10 days. b. (5 marks) Annual trade credit interest rate = 0.08193 or 8.193% As the borrowing rate is 20%, McDonalds should not take the cash discount and pay in 50 days. c. (2 marks) PVDC = -96,471.39 (2 marks)Read MoreBank Of Americ A Big Name For A Finance Company1140 Words   |  5 PagesMGMT 117 Paper 2 Bank of America has always been a big name for a finance company in the United States. My mother has actually worked for the company for over 23 years, and has always informed me that they are a terrible organization. Therefore, I should not have been surprised when they appeared in the book, as one of many famous companies that have received subsidies on the basis of creating new jobs, only to layoff its employees shortly thereafter. Bank of America has actually done this twiceRead MoreEssay on The Importance of Music Education in the School Curriculum2336 Words   |  10 Pagesstates that a student graduating from high school must have at least four math credits, four English credits, three science credits, three social studies credits, one physical education credit, one performing and applied arts credit, and two foreign language credits (Michigan Department of Education†). Many people will say â€Å"there you go; you have a performing and applied arts credit, what more d o you want?† But the problem with that is the definition of applied and performing art is so broad, it mightRead MoreEnron Accounting Scandal1096 Words   |  5 Pagesshift debt and losses off of the books would soon come to an end. With the help from Andersen Accounting firm, Enron would lose control of their illegal attempt to contain the debt and loss of the company. Ultimately, Enron became bankrupt, and the scandal was one of Americas largest accounting investigations into a firms illegal accounting practices and their attempt to conceal it from the shareholders and credit lenders. Divulging themselves into the scandal and solving the problems at hand

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