Monday, November 4, 2019

China Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

China - Term Paper Example They participate actively in productive activities in the country. The infants and elderly contribute little to the national basket and are deemed as the dependant people. China will look upon the working people in order to maintain their well-being of infants and the elderly. China is experiencing a demographic pattern that is uncharacteristic of other developed countries. Unlike other countries, China’s population growth is hard to forecast. The population of the younger people is decreasing as the population of the older people increases; that is as a result of decreased mortality and fertility rates. The rate at which the community is giving birth is decreasing, this means that fewer and fewer number of infants are brought into the community. China’s average fertility rate is minimal as compared to other countries like the United States. China was able to reduce the child-bearing rate per couple from five to two children in only 25 years of campaign; that is equivalent of a third the time taken by developed western countries (Louis and Denise, 45). In the same manner, the mortality rates have greatly decreased in China meaning that the number of elderly people in the country is rising. In the past, the life  expectancy of people in Chi na was as low as forty years (Jerry and Yudelson 77). It had one of the highest mortality rates, but today the situation has improved. Within a period of fifty years the life expectancy now stands at seventy years. Western countries were able to improve their life expectancy within the same margins in a period of hundred years. From the foregoing facts and figures, it is evident that China is undergoing aging process more quickly than other developed countries (Louis and Denise, 23). The economic impacts of an aging population are detrimental. The future projection of the existing population in the year 2030 will mainly be consisting of the aged people. Typically, the elderly people are less productive for

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