Monday, November 25, 2019

Saturday morning Essays

Saturday morning Essays Saturday morning Essay Saturday morning Essay On a ordinary Saturday morning, Megan, a 18-year old well know actress, ordered two of her maids to clean up her mostly empty 30 million dollar house. During her free time, which is everyday from 12 am to 12 pm, she mopes around her home feeling restless. She decides to go shopping one day. She asks her driver if he could exchange the one-week old car with something bigger and more grandiose. The driver answers in an upsetting voice, but we just got this new lime a week ago. Megan replies, what ever, just get me a new car and I will double your salary.Plus, this limo is so small that I could barely fit all my clothes that I have just gotten. Megan goes in a boutique in Beverly Hills. After looking through a row of clothes which she had similar to, picks up a white cashmere coat and sees the red tag that read 50% off the original price, $4999.99. Megan exclaims, I dont want this anymore, it is on sale. Now that I think about it, I saw another person wearing the same thing just yesterd ay when I was shopping at this other place. It would totally ruin my reputation. Back at home, her husband, who is 38 years old, asks her if they could get a new house.Megan replies, fine, as long as it is not over $20 million. After a gruesome day of shopping, Megan asks the cook if he could make something delicious for her. He says, how about some Chicken of the Sea with some nice greens and bread. Megan exclaims, I didnt know that chickens swim in the sea. The cook signs and says no, Chicken of the Sea is a brand of tuna. Megan says, Oh, well, as long as it has zero carbs, it is fine with me because I cant afford to put on another half a pound or else I wont be able to fit into the lovely and pricy clothes that I bought today. Movie stars these days considers being thin while wearing the best and most fashionable clothes are two of the most important things in the world. Even at 57 and 90 pounds, she still thinks she is the fattest person in the world.One morning, Megan yells, AH HHHHHH, I have a gigantic pimple on my face, how can I go shopping today? The pimple is so small that one might not even notice it with a high tech microscope. Megan says, I cant go out looking like this. Just as she is about to put about 3 inches of foundation to cover the barely noticeable dot up, the phone rings. On the phone is a famous TV Show host and he exclaims, Hi Megan, we would like to have a 10 minute interview with you regarding your career. Megan ecstatically responds, Great, is the interview going to air on some national TV and am I going to get a lot of money for this, may be $150 million.

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