Saturday, November 2, 2019

The economic impact of Atlantic City closing casinos Annotated Bibliography

The economic impact of Atlantic City closing casinos - Annotated Bibliography Example hallenges facing Atlantic City are in the way in which market shifts in the future could directly impact upon the overall success that could be achieved by the firms seeking to operate within this particular region. This article was included in the researcher due to the fact that it helps to exemplify the way in which the entire economy of Atlantic City, and by extension, the entire economy of the state of New Jersey, is at least partially dependent upon the revenues she from casinos and gambling. As this particular industry has begun to falter, the impact upon other sectors of the economy has been commensurately felt. Furthermore, rather than providing justification for the underlying reasons for why the Atlantic City gambling scene has experienced such a loss of the past several years, the authors instead seek to focus the majority of their attention upon the way in which a new economic base could be achieved for Atlantic City; and whether or not such a shift would be able to be accomplished in a relatively brief period of time. Moreover, the authors focus upon seeking to engage the overall economic impact that has been felt within Atlantic City has a direct result of the loss of revenue. Whereas a great degree of analysis has been placed upon potential solutions to the economic hardships facing Atlantic City, relatively little focus has been placed upon how the situation actually unfolded. As such, this particular article is essentially useful due to the fact that it focuses upon the factors that allowed Atlantic City to falter from its position of preeminent gambling location on the East Coast. Likewise, the author indicates the fact that even though the economic downturn was a primary catalyst to the way in which Atlantic City began to lose revenue and market share, it was ultimately the result of the fact that Atlantic City was unresponsive to the demands of the consumer. Without a primary and fundamental level of focus upon the demands of the consumer

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